The Congress organizing committee offers a range of sponsorship packages to enable companies to benefit from a direct association to the event and its regional media campaign. This is your opportunity to present your brand to the regional metallurgy decision makers and establish your market leadership. Whatever your objective and budget, we can find ways to help you to promote your brand.

You are free to choose the specific Sponsor's package, which will best satisfy your requirements (Sponsor's packages will be sent you upon your request). If your company sets specific goals, organizing committee is ready to develop an individual sponsorship package that meets your objectives.

Sponsors of the Congress & Exhibition “Non-Ferrous Metals and Minerals-2018”


UC RUSAL is a leading global aluminium producer, which was created in March 2007 completing a merger with Russia’s SUAL Group, and alumina assets of Swiss Glencore.

RUSAL production capacity is 4.5 mln tonnes of aluminium and 15,2 mln tonnes of alumina every year.
RUSAL accounts for almost 7% of entire global output of primary aluminium and 7% of the world’s alumina production.
The company operates in 13 countries on 5 continents.
RUSAL’s assets include 14 aluminium smelters, 11 alumina refineries, 8 bauxite mines, 4 foil mills, and 1 cathode plant.
The United Company employs more than 61,000 people across its international operations and offices.
RUSAL products are sold to over 700 customers globally. The automotive, construction and packaging industries are the key consumers of RUSAL products.
RUSAL has its own R&D and engineering capabilities and owns the RA-300 and RA-400 technologies.

13/1, Nikoloyamskaya str. Moscow, 109240, Russia,

Platinum Sponsor NORNICKEL

«Nornickel» is the world’s largest producer of nickel and palladium, and one of the world’s leading producers of platinum and copper. The Company produces cobalt, rhodium, silver, gold, iridium, ruthenium, selenium, tellurium and sulfur.

«Nornickel» is involved in prospecting, exploration, extraction, refining and metallurgical processing of minerals, production, marketing and sale of base and precious metals.

123100, Moscow, 1-iy Krasnogvardeyskiy proezd, 15
8 495 786 8320
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Golden Sponsor R&D Carbon

R&D Carbon is an independent supplier of know‐how in the field of carbon technology. With its roots going back to 1966 as the research centre of Alusuisse, R&D Carbon was founded in 1986. Our multi‐disciplinary and laterally‐thinking team serves the aluminium, petroleum coke, pitch and electrode industries worldwide. With the extensive experience, and through intensive research in carbon technology over the past three decades, R&D Carbon has improved the anode quality and performance in many aluminium smelters all over the world. Accordingly the metal production cost could be lowered considerably.

R&D Carbon is active in six different areas of work that are all well established in the industry:

  • • Research and Development
  • • Laboratory Test Equipment
  • • Audits and Process Optimization
  • • Quality Control, Carbon Material Testing and Certification
  • • Training and Workshops
  • • Technology Development

For further information, please contact Dr. Markus Meier (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) and / or visit our website

P.O. Box 362, CH-3960 Sierre, Switzerland
+41 27 459 29 29
+41 27 459 29 25
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Golden Sponsor Riedhammer GmbH

Riedhammer GmbH, located in Nuremberg Germany, is the leading manufacturer of industrial kiln plants worldwide and offers innovative technologies for the metal and electronic industries, besides its traditional business areas like ceramics and sanitary ware.

For the Carbon Industry, Riedhammer is presently the only independent supplier worldwide being able to deliver complete solutions and its proven furnace technologies for baking anodes, cathodes and electrodes, supplemented with solutions specifically tailored for the production of special carbon products. 90 years of experience and know-how guarantee a high economic efficiency and reliability of the plants.

Nowadays, Riedhammer is providing various solutions from rebuilding, modernization and revamping up to new turn-key plants based on the most advanced technology and proven reliability. Tradition and experience are conjoining here as best with state of the art development, engineering, construction and commissioning to a new generation of furnaces including all required auxiliary equipment.

Riedhammer’s ring-pit kiln design offers a long life cycle without regular repair work. Especially open type anode baking furnaces are operated consequently until a major overhaul is required. Such periodical rebuild of the refractory material allows implementing the latest design, adapting the furnace as per changed anode dimensions and optimization of the process. The rebuild work is executed without interruption of furnace operation and, after several weeks this furnace start its next life cycle at as new condition.

A worldwide net of agencies and representatives are guarantee for a most effective customer service and professional support whenever and wherever required. Engineers and technicians of the Riedhammer team are trained to optimize project progresses in the sense of the client. Those results in minimized project run-times, optimised cost-effectiveness and maximized return on invest.

Klingenhofstrasse 72
D-90411 Nuremberg, Germany
+49 911 5218 0
+49 911 5218 231
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Golden Sponsor NKM Noell Special Cranes GmbH

  REEL, with its companies NKM Noell, REEL Alesa and COH, is a leading independent equipment supplier of special cranes and handling equipment for Primary Aluminum Smelters

For more than 40 years on the market through its constitutive companies, with more than 1’000 cranes in operation worldwide, REEL Group companies develop their mission for the Primary Aluminium Smelters: be a global supplier of handling systems, process equipment and solutions and integrate the client's process objectives in design of products.
NKM Noell has built a strong technical force for Electrolysis (Pot Tending Machines, Cathode Cranes, Transfer Gantry Systems), Carbon Area (Furnace Tending Assemblies, Stacker Cranes, Anode Handling Systems), as well as Rodding Shops.
REEL Alesa designs, installs and maintains complex handling solutions based on specific technologies including aluminium electrolytic cells power supply, HDPSTM (Hyper Dense Phase System) and systems developed by Alcan Pechiney such as ALPSYS®, JIBS (Jet Induced Boosted Suction).

Rudolf Diesel Strasse 1,
97209 Veitshoechheim, Germany
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Golden Sponsor STORVIK AS

  STORVIK AS celebrated its 100 years anniversary in 2013. The company has been strongly involved in aluminium industry during the last 60 years, both in Norway as well as in international markets.

The main areas of work are:
• Maintenance, modifications, and optimization of existing equipment;
• Design, engineering and development of new equipment such as vibrating compactors; production and deliveries of casting and other equipment;
• Development, production and deliveries of wide range of cast products,
• e.g. gas manifolds, gas burning/exhausting, tapping pipes, moulds/coquilles, bins, lids and grabs.

Storvik’s main slogan is to be an “improvement partner”.
Recently Storvik AS entered in negotiations with UC RUSAL for delivery of the line for the production of green anodes at Volgograd Aluminium Smelter.

Golden sponsor Fives

  Fives is specialized in design and supply of process equipment and complete installations::

  • • Reduction Area: Gas Treatment Centers, Bath Processing Plants, pot tending machines ECLTM
  • • Carbon Area: green anode plants, pitch storage and processing, firing and control systems, fume treatment systems for anode baking furnaces
  • • Casthouse Area: melting, holding and heat treatment furnaces; furnace tending assemblies ECLTM
  • • Coal Tar Pitch: Proabd® processes for coal tar distillation.

STAS inc.

  STAS Inc. is a Canadian company specialized in the development, fabrication and commercialisation of innovative process equipment for the aluminium industry.

STAS is a world leader in providing various equipment to improve productivity and the quality of molten aluminium in several areas of the aluminium production environment: carbon, electrolysis, casthouse, crucible shop, measuring and analysis and SEED rheocasting.
Their custom-made industrial solutions and quality specifications comply with world standards.
Aluminium producers that can benefit from our advanced technologies are found throughout the spectrum of aluminium producers, ranging from primary smelter plants down to secondary smelters including rolling mills and aluminium extruders.
The company has been in business for more than 30 years and has clients on all continents. Most of STAS’ sales activities are managed from our head office in Chicoutimi, Qc, Canada, with a network of well-known agents around the globe, including Russia.
STAS employs more than 180 persons–half of which are engineers and technicians – with a broad expertise in processes and engineering.
Their work is guided by the values of respect, creativity, enjoyment and are customer and family-oriented.

FELUWA Pumpen GmbH

 FELUWA technology offers hermetically sealed pump systems for abrasive, aggressive and toxic media and various applications in the mining sector, like hydrotransport, dewatering and digester feed applications in metallurgical processes such as alumina, copper, gold, molybdenum, nickel, uranium or zinc.

The FELUWA MULTISAFE® double hose-diaphragm pumps are available for flow rates of up to 1000 m³/h and discharge pressures of up to 350 bar.
They are characterised by unique design features in favour of the overall performance, reliability, availability and cost of ownership.
By means of diagnostic systems and touch panels, FELUWA offers a Human Machine Interface with full integration of pump diagnostics into industrial control systems and also a web-based service option.


 T.T. Tomorrow Technology S.p.A. is an Italian engineering company specialized in the development and manufacture of specific vehicles and equipment for aluminium production, as well as primary and secondary aluminium processing.

Founded in year 2000, by a group of experts in the aluminium sector, T.T. Tomorrow Technology is committed to understand its customer goals in order to support and enhance their competitiveness.
T.T. Tomorrow Technology long time experience, its continuous research in product design and the careful choice of the most efficient and reliable components allow the company to produce highly competitive vehicles and equipment: for their quality, value and return of investments.
Furthermore, T.T. Tomorrow Technology takes great care of customer plant environment as well as operator safety and comfort, therefore the production processes improvement and people working conditions have become the core of its business philosophy.
Among T.T. Tomorrow Technology range of products, the most required are: Multifunctional Furnace Tending Vehicles and Automatic Equipment for Charging, Skimming, Stirring and Cleaning Aluminium Furnaces; Metal transport vehicles with pouring system; Anodes Slots Cutting Machines, Baked Anodes Cleaning Stations and Special Anode Conveyors.
T.T. Tomorrow Technology also provides intensive and modular training programs that enable customers to accurately maintain the equipment, ensuring its highest performance. Moreover, its after-sale service includes online monitoring and assistance to provide remote real time technical support as well as local maintenance service.

Qualitet Group

  The main mission of Qualitet Group is the development and implementation of effective and competitive additive components, additive packages and motor oils for Russian aviation, petrochemical and tire industry. Our commitment is not simply preservation and gaining in experience and scientific knowledge, but the practical realization of the potential of Russian Applied Chemistry

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc.

  Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of high performance specialty sealing components and products that provide environmental protection, emissions control, and energy conservation solutions for the Aluminium industry.
Our full range of sealing components for Pot Rooms, Cast Houses and Carbon Bake plants are made to withstand the extreme conditions your plant faces every day – high temperatures, chemical gasses, and the demands of the electrolytic process.
Our proprietary ARMATEX® Q series of refractory textiles are key in the performance success of many of our products, including anode bar seals, emission control seals, reduction cell hood gaskets and door seals. This refractory compound, which is impregnated into traditional textiles, is highly resistant to a variety of chemicals, has low porosity, and enhances strength, as well as temperature and abrasion resistance.
Mid-Mountain also manufactures a complete line of THERMOPAK® fabricated products designed for specifically for the Aluminium Industry, including carbon bake exhaust trunk seals, flue port covers, crucible lid seals, trough gaskets, tray pad covers, cathode bar seals, and many more.
We at Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. welcome the opportunity to work with your company to find better ways to protect your people, your facility, and our environment.

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc.
Environmental Protection Products and Thermal Barriers for a green world

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